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Vd. Sanjay Pendse


Vd. Shreerang Galgali


Vd. Ila Karandikar-Bhor

Vd. Mahesh Thakur

Vd. Santosh Nevpurkar

Vd. Sushmita Dhopeshwarkar

Vd. Upendra Dixit

Vd. Vivek Sane

Vd. Yashashree Joshi

Vd. Yogini Kulkarni



Office Addresses -

# Punarvasu Ayurveda Prabodhini.                          # Punarvasu Ayurveda Prabodhini.

Shati Prasad 1123-B, Model Colony,                         Nirmal Heights,

Near Lalit mahal, Shivaji Nagar.                                  New India School Road,

 Pune- 411016.                                                            Right Bhusari Colony, Paud Rd.

                                                                                     Pune – 411038.

020-25677774,  25660066.                                         020-25280330,  25286181.




  • The editorial policy for JSAP is designed with the aim to propagate study, research and practice of the principles of Shuddha Ayurveda. Articles principally based on the Ayurvedic terminology, understanding and interpretation and those which include modern investigations as additional information, shall also be accepted.
  • It is a humble request that the authors write their manuscripts with a purely ayurvedic outlook but under no circumstances aim to malign or criticize the modern medical sciences. Articles should be written solely with an aim of publicizing Ayurvedic research and understanding, training students and generating awareness about the immense potential and the broad outlook of the teachings of the ancient science of Ayurveda.
  • Authors should take the review process positively, understanding that it is aimed at setting high standards for writing articles using purely Ayurvedic terminology and study parameters.
  • Efforts by the authors are always appreciated and the reviewers are instructed to offer dispassionate reviews and comments with an aim to encourage better writing.
  • The journal policy has been framed with the primary aim of promotion of Shuddha Ayurveda. The ‘Journal for Shuddha Ayurveda practitioners’ aims to publish articles in the interest of all: the students of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic physicians, scholars, authors, reviewers and editors.
  • This document for editorial policy shall be modified/ revised based on experiences and responses after publication of every three issues. Any modification to the document shall be effected only after the consent of the Editorial Review Board.