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  •     INAUGURAL EDITORIAL - Vd. Sanjay Pendse , Chairman, Global Ayurveda Foundation, Pune

​Why another journal in the first place and why the thrust on SHUDDHA AYURVEDA? would be the obviously arising questions when the people from the fraternity of Ayurveda would come across this publication.      


  • Differences – Fundamental issues related to integration of Ayurveda and Modern medical science.      - Vd. Shreerang Galgali ,  Vd. Smita More

A merger or blending of the two streams of traditional Ayurvedic science and the modern medical science to lay the foundation for a new integrative science with a wider perspective on health care has been attempted by many scholars for over perhaps a century now. The present editorial is an effort to bring forth the precise reasons for the failure of such an attempt to bring together the two fundamentally diverse medical sciences of allopathy and Ayurveda.


  • Applied aspects of Satkāryavāda and Ārambhvāda with respect to Dravya utpatti.       -   ​Prof. Vd. Yashashree Joshi 

The Thought schools of Indian philosophy are the foundation of Āyurvedic Principles. These schools are specific mind-sets, which contemplate deeply upon creation, functioning and dissolution of the universe. The ultimate aim of these schools is one and the same – Emancipation i.e. knowing self as Absolute Truth. Schools of thought can be studied as ‘Natural Sciences – exploring the facts of Nature’ and not merely as Schools of philosophical views.


  • Ayurvedic Management of Urustambha – A case study  -    Prof. Vd. Upendra Dixit

A 20 year old girl suddenly developed Kriyahani and Supti  in both legs. She was diagnosed  as suffering from, acute transverse myelopathy, Brown sequard syndrome with demyelinating process at the Goa medical college hospital. But no improvement was observed with steroid treatment. She was diagnosed as Urustambha as per  Ayurvedic perspective.

  • Book Review – Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda by C. Dwarkanath.   -     Vd. Yogita Jamdade          

 As per Āyurvedic philosophy both digestion and nutrition deserve equal importance. One of the branches of octopartitive Āyurveda is Kāyachikitsā which implies the treatment of ‘Antarāgni ’, which plays a vital role in the process of digestion.