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           INAUGURAL EDITORIAL - Vd. Sanjay Pendse , Chairman, Global Ayurveda Foundation, Pune

While writing this editorial for the second issue of JSAP I am happy that this venture has been received well among people of our fraternity..(Click to read in detail...)


  • Study of Suvarṇa Vacā                                        Vd. Ranjeet Jadhav

An experiment of the cultivation of   vacā with suvarṇa inside it’s rhizome is carried out. Surprisingly the   vacā flourished, grew enhancingly & gave a better yield. Twenty four carette gold was used for this purpose..(.(Click to read in detail...)


  •   Preparation of Rasa siṅdūra                              Vd. Vivek D. Sane    

Rasa siṅdūra is an important 'kupipakva rasāayana' described in several āyurveda classics. The texts describe several formulae for the preparation of this highly potent medicine, which is a mixture of pārada and gaṅdhaka . ..(Click to read in detail...)

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a)Paṅka avasthā and phase of mṛudvagni :

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c) Mudrā avasthā and phase of tīvrāgnī :  

  • Comparative Study Of Leech Breeding  in Samhita and Prevailing Method                              Vd. Sagar Kad         

A shodhana through Raktamokshan is routinely practiced by Āyurvedica  physicians.So there should be availability of leeches is more important thing to do this kind of practices.  ..(Click to read in detail...)


  •  Vaidya Vasant Dattatray alias  Bhaiyyarao Gautam – Specialties of Treatment

                          Life sketch of  Bhaiyyarao Gautam     . ..(Click to read in detail...)

                     Prof. Vd. Mihir Hajarnavis                 Prof. Vd. Upendra Dixit


  •  Critical Study of Mādhava cikitsitā (Manuscript Study)                                                                      Vd. Shrirang Galgali

Mādhava  cikitsā can be said to be one of the earliest texts written exclusively on the ‘Cikitsā’(Disease management and therapeutics) of different ailments. Mādhavāchārya, the author of this text is better known for his famous text on Nidāna (Diagnostics) ‘Rogvinishchaya’ or ‘Mādhava Nidāna’. ..(Click to read in detail...)