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POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA COURSE IN PANCHKARMA CHIKITSA  (PGDPC)  Certified by “Global Ayurveda Foundation, Pune”  (No affiliation by any university)

This ‘POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA COURSE IN PANCHAKARMA CHIKITSA’ course is useful for an Ayurveda graduate to treat patients successfully.

Aims and objectives:      a) To produce confident and successful panchakarma Physicians.

                                     b) To propagate ‘Panchakarma’ in graduates of Ayurveda.


Certificate course for “Tika Vachan of Ayurveda Samhitas”                                                                                                                                                  Certified by “Global Ayurveda Foundation, Pune”. 

The authentic practice of ayurveda can be done only with the profound knowledge of original books of ayurveda. This course will make a physician capable of assessing samhitas with confidence and use the commentaries for clinical utility.


Certificate course for “Proficiency in Panchkarma with Ayurveda Clinic Management                                                                                                     Certified by “Global Ayurveda Foundation, Pune”.

”  Mere textual expertise do not make one expert in the clinical practice. We are proud to announce this certification course for making one ‘a clinician with confidence’. All the teachers for the course are well experienced practitioners with sufficient knowledge to conduct panchkarma and other procedural therapies.


Click here to Download the Brochure and Admission form.